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Accessories to Meet Your Imaging Requirements

VisiTech International has a variety of Accessory options to meet your complete imaging requirements.

As well as our own in house designed imaging solutions we also have a number of partners whom we work closely with on ensuring optimum performance and integration. These partners include Hamamatsu, Physik Instrument, Photometrics, Molecular Devices,  Olympus, Nikon, Leica, ASI, Ludl to name but a few.

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Accessory Options

Dichroic and Emission Filter Options for all Confocal Scan Heads

Multiple Camera Port Adapters for Parallel Imaging

6 & 10 Position Filter Wheels

100% Transfer Dual Camera Port to Enable High Speed and High Res Camera’s on a single Confocal

Range of CCD, EMCCD & sCMOS Camera’s

Range of PIFOC Piezo Objective Positioners & Piezo Stage Inserts

Inverted or Upright Microscope’s and Associated Peripherals

Image Splitters to Chromatically Split Emission over a Single Camera Chip

Fully Automated XY Stages

Range of Workstation Options Including High Speed RAID Configuration

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