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Our aim is to provide innovative super resolution and confocal imaging technology to the life and material science communities

VisiTech International’s mission is to provide high quality innovative imaging instrumentation and associated peripherals to the Life Sciences and Materials Sciences communities. The company is well on the way to achieving its primary objective, which is to be recognised as a leading player in these markets with a particular emphasis on imaging of dynamic fluorescence.

Company History

The Company has its headquarters in Sunderland, UK, and employs 20 highly qualified staff, spanning over 250 man-years of experience within the market. The company’s roots can be traced back to Joyce Loebl Ltd, one of the pioneering companies in image processing technology, and Applied Imaging, a leading supplier of Life Science instrumentation. In January 1999, a management buy-out from Applied Imaging resulted in the creation of VisiTech International as an independent company.

Customer Service

The success of VisiTech International has been achieved through an uncompromising approach to the analysis and design of equipment to meet market needs and the provision of comprehensive after sales support to our customer base. Broadly speaking 40% of the Companies employees are dedicated to customer support and service.

Strategic Alliances

To complement its own product range the company is committed to establishing strategic alliances with leading equipment suppliers world-wide. Since its inception VisiTech has secured many distribution channels throughout the world, as well as establishing relationships with leading manufacturers, such as Nikon Instruments, Hamamatsu Corp, Olympus, PI, CVI Melles Griot, Molecular Devices.

Research and Development

VisiTech International is committed to substantial investment in Research & Development aimed at securing its position in existing markets and extending the scope of application of its technology to emerging fields. It has a deserved reputation amongst its customers for innovation; having been responsible for the introduction of a whole range of new instrument technologies to its markets.

MagiCal (introduced in 1988) was the first video rate calcium measurement system on the market and was used in pioneering work in the late eighties and early nineties. QuantiCell (introduced in 1993) achieved status as the first multi-wavelength free-ion analysis system to exceed video rate performance. VoxCell Scan (introduced in 2000) was the first modular real time confocal laser scanning microscope system targeted at live imaging applications. VT-Eye (introduced in 2003) a uniquely ultra-fast confocal laser scanning microscope using Acousto Optical Deflection (AOD) technology.

VT-Infinity (launched October 2004) is the first 2D array scanning laser confocal microscope making use of recently patented intellectual property developed by VisiTech International in confocal technologies. VT-HAWK (launched 2009) was the first confocal to combine Multi -Beam Imaging with Single Beam Illumination. VT-infinity4 (launched in 2014) capable of achieving up to 1000 fps, it is ideal for observing dynamic events in physics science research. VT-iSIM (launched 2015) is the worlds first truly high-speed super-resolution imaging system. Finally, in 2018 VisiTech patented Ingwaz scanning architecture and applied this new technology to VT-iSIM. VT-iSIM with Ingwaz offers very low photo-bleaching and incredibly high signal to noise.