System Integration

From Camera's to Microscopes VisiTech has the Complete Imaging Solution for You

VT-iSIM can be added to any regular Epi-fluorescent microscope (upright or inverted) resulting in a cost-effective path into high-speed, super-resolution imaging. As well as our own in house designed imaging solutions we also have a number of partners whom we work closely with on ensuring optimum performance and integration. These partners include Hamamatsu, Photometrics, Molecular Devices, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, ASI, Ludl to name but a few

Photo courtesy of Adelstein Lab, NIH

Multi-Camera Imaging

Our VT-XCam allows simultaneous multi colour imaging and compatible with third party filter wheels such as the Ludl filter wheel

Triple Output Module

A galvo based laser beam switcher for three separate laser outputs, ideal for using VT-iSIM along with other imaging/FRAP module

Compatible with Inverted and upright Microscope

Our Partners