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Combine Multi-Point Imaging
& Single Point Illumination

Combine Multi-Point Imaging & Single Point Illumination

The VT-HAWK from VisiTech International combines a high precision point scanning FRAP module within a multi-beam confocal imaging scanner. The fully integrated VT-HAWK switches the laser input and the scanning optics between imaging and FRAP (or FLIP, PA and photo-conversion) modes within milliseconds, enabling accurate quantitation of the fluorescence intensity dynamics in precise, user defined, regions of the image.

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Combine Multi-Point Imaging & Single Point Illumination


Pinholes (software selectable) From 10 um to 64 um diameter
Scan rates Up to 1000 fps
Excitation changer AOTF (4 or 8 channels)
Dichroic changer Motorised, 4 positions, user exchangeable
Emission (barrier) changer Motorised, 5 positions, user exchangeable
Dichroic alignment Not required (self aligning)
Camera synchronisation Included
Camera and microscope i/f C-mount
Interlocks Key switch and interlock plug
Microscope compatibility Upright and Inverted
Wavelength range Near UV to near IR for Imaging and FRAP
Imaging to FRAP Transfer Speed, <10mS
Any shape ROI can be drawn for FRAP, FLIP, Photo-activation
Multiple ROI’s can be Bleached Simultaneously

Combine Multi-Point Imaging & Single Point Illumination

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