Spinning Disk VT-iSIM

Super Resolution

Whilst maintaining the necessary temporal resolution and at a low photobleaching level, VT-iSIM offers a spatial resolution of 100nm and axial resolution of 300nm

Photo courtesy of Prof. Dr. Peter Lipp, Universität des Saarlandes, Center for Molecular Signaling (PZMS)

Live Cell Imaging

Generates super-resolution images in real-time and in a low phototoxicity environment, enabling live-cell imaging capability

Time Series courtesy of Quantitative Imaging: From Acquisition to Analysis Course, CSHL

High Temporal Resolution

Capable of observing dynamic events by producing super-resolution images up to 200 fps at a pixel resolution of 1500×1024

Photo courtesy of Prof. Dr. Peter Lipp, Universität des Saarlandes, Center for Molecular Signaling (PZMS)

Exceptional Imaging Depth

Can image > 10x deeper than traditional SIM

Photo courtesy of Rusan Lab,NIH (NHLBI)

High Signal to Noise

The combination of multi-point scanning and VisiTech’ patented Ingwaz scanning architecture, VT-iSIM offers very low photo-bleaching and very high signal to noise

Photo courtesy of Kops Lab, Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands

Highly Configurable

Highly configurable camera-based system, can be integrated across multiple imaging platforms. Find out more on the System Integration page.


Spatial Resolution

100nm Laterally and 300nm Axially*

Temporal Resolution

Scan Speed up to 1000fps

Pin holes

Selectable from 10-64µm

Emission Filter Changer

Regular or High Speed 6-Position Emission Filter Changer


Up to 6 solid state lasers range from 400nm to 700nm


Perfect camera & excitation sync comes as standard

Camera Specification

For accurate sampling camera must have pixel size <6.5um, Camera connection is via regular c-mount

Microscope Specification

Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica. Connection via regular c-mount


Visi-View, Cell Sense, Micro-Manager, Meta-Morph & NIS Elements

* Spatial resolution measured using PSFj with Nikon 100x 1.49NA Lens, contact VTi for more details